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Reviews from our Happy Home Owners

Why choose Covington & Associates Realtors, Inc. to buy or sell your home? Read what our clients say about our service and customer support.


Lou Anne Templeton was our agent last year. This was our first home purchase and boy did we have a lot of questions. She was incredibly patient and thorough. On top of our list of important details of our first home, she scoured listings, made phone calls and drove us to our potential locations. On the spot, I personally drove through potential neighborhoods looking at more addresses to investigate. Lou Anne took the time to work with other agents to find out if each home met our dreams. She never gave advice that was not asked for, she was explanatory at every phase of buying a home. As an active duty military family we had a small window to look at as many homes as possible and get the deal closed. I would definitely use Mrs. Templeton again if we were to move again in Virginia.

– Shannon B.

As first time home buyers, we needed guidance on every step of the way. Lou Anne with Covington and Associates never let us miss a beat! She was so confident in helping us with what our family needed and we ended up with just that! Lou Anne was very persistent with moving the motions along and kept us updated at every turn. The entire experience from searching for our new home to holding the keys was flawless! Thank you Covington and Associates, and of course thank you Lou Anne!

Kendra C.

Ms. Templeton is a great asset to have on your side for all your real estate and property management needs. Living in Europe she gives us a great peace of mind knowing our home is in good hands, with inspections of the property and open communication.

– Dominique B.

Lou Ann Templeton helped us sell our old home and buy our new home and we couldn’t be happier with the results. She listened to us and knew exactly what we wanted/needed. She was a perfect fit for us. We had talked with a couple of other realtors from different firms and they just didn’t feel right for us. We saw our new neighbors with her when they were looking to buy and after the move in. After introducing ourselves to them we asked about their realtor. They really liked her. We saw her back over there with them after the sale and approached her to come meet with us. It was a perfect match! She let us know the first meeting that she is not a pushy realtor but she gets the job done to her clients satisfaction. That sold us and every word of that was true. She knew exactly what to show us after we talked and it didn’t take long to find the right place at the right price. We wanted to wait until after our move to place the old house on the market. She told us what to do to sell it. We thought we would have to put a lot into selling our old house of 41 years. It had recently had the big upgrades – examples of in the past year: new roof and HVAC. She said most of all the house should sell well with a good move out cleaning crew, which she hired. She was right. We didn’t have to do any upgrades it sold like it was at a decent price. I would recommend Lou Anne for buying/selling a house. She is so easy to work with and gets results.

– Kim B.

We had to buy a larger house to move my aging parents in with us. They had reached a point where they had mobility problems and we had very specific requirements for the house to accommodate their needs and our’s. There was also a time consideration because their senior living arrangement had gotten very expensive and dangerous based on their health and mobility issues. Lou Anne must have shown us 20 houses in the course of a few weeks before we found one that could work for us. Throughout it all she was the soul of patience. I know she spent a lot of late hours looking for new listings and scheduling viewings at a moment’s notice. At the time, the market was insanely busy and houses were rarely in the listings for more than a few days before there was a contract on them. Despite our motivation, it seemed every time we saw a house that looked like it might work, the house was already under contract by the time we made an offer on it. We finally did find a house that fit our needs and I know it was only Lou Anne’s quick work in setting up a viewing and getting our offer in, as well as arranging things with the loan officer that resulted in our securing the house we needed. In addition, she helped us find skilled contractors to help us fix-up our prior residence and got it sold quickly so we weren’t bearing the burden of two mortgages.

– Andy and Marianna P.

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